Splinter Tweezer - Regine Tweezers
Splinter Tweezer - Regine Tweezers
Splinter Tweezer - Regine Tweezers
Splinter Tweezer - Regine Tweezers
Splinter Tweezer - Regine Tweezers
Splinter Tweezer - Regine Tweezers
Splinter Tweezer - Regine Tweezers
Splinter Tweezer - Regine Tweezers
Splinter Tweezer - Regine Tweezers
Splinter Tweezer - Regine Tweezers

Splinter Tweezer

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Handmade by Swiss craftsmen, they will remove anything embedded under the skin (ingrown hairs, thorns, glass or splinters of any kind) with near surgical accuracy. The pointed tips make removal as easy and pain-free as possible.  A must-have for every household!

  • 3.5 inches Length 
  • Handmade in Switzerland
  • Elongated pointed tip 
  • Precision tension and tip alignment
  • Rustproof, surgical grade stainless steel
  • Never needs sharpening
  • Bonus tip guard
  • Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

USED FOR: Removing ingrown or fine hairs and splinters.

For ingrown hairs and splinters:
Disinfect tweezers with rubbing alcohol. Use one tip of the tweezers to "spring out" the hair, then grasping the hair between both tips, gently pull it out from the base. After, disinfect area with antiseptic. (Please note to always consult a doctor first with any splinter that may pose a threat of tetanus).

For ticks:
Disinfect tweezers with rubbing alcohol. Use tweezer to grasp the tick’s head as close to the skin as possible. Pull tick straight out, being careful not to twist or squeeze tick’s body. Wash tick bite area and apply antiseptic. (Please note: If you suspect the possibility of Lyme Disease, save the tick in a jar and show it to a doctor). Make sure to cleanse bite area thoroughly and examine bite area later for signs of a rash.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Always keep the end cap on the tweezers so the tip is protected and stays in alignment. Sterilize tweezers after each use with using a small amount of rubbing alcohol using a clean cloth or cotton ball, and dry well.


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Daniel D.
United States United States

Best tweezers

Best I have ever used. A must have for sure.

Kelly M.
United States United States

Splinter Tweezer

Excellent product!

Ann D.
United States United States

Exceptional tweezers

Purchased for myself and extra as a gift. Exactly what I have been looking for. No more cheap tweezers that loose the grip.

Yesenia N.
United States United States


After trying this I plan on purchasing a back up. Brilliantly sharp!

Jeanna S.
United States United States

Great tweezers

These tweezers do the job. Grabs hold of the smallest hairs and splinters. Even got the tiny hair like cactus needles out. My only complaint would be that they need to come in a better holder.

Suzanne F.
United States United States

Not what I wantef

I wanted the slanted tweezers but was sent the splinter tweezers. Can NOT use these to pluck eyebrows. I am SURE I ordered the slanted ones but they say different; I had to pay to ship back.

Patricia J.
United States United States

Absolute best tweezers!

The precision point on these tweezers is wonderful for grabbing all types of hair. Fine hairs and coarse hairs come out easily without getting broken off by the tweezer. Hoping to keep these a very long time because they are well worth the price.

Lidia K.
United States United States


I like the tweezers a lot ,just wondering if you still make splinter tweezer bigger, I use to buy them in your Redwood City store,thank you very much.Lidia

Anjuli K.
United States United States

Perfect prescision

These tweezers really are the finest I’ve ever owned. I’ve purchased 4 Tweezers’s from Regime and Have been so happy with them. I’m currently waiting for the return of 2 pairs that I mailed to them to be repaired/realigned because I dropped each of them at least once) which is a service they offer for $10 fee. I can’t wait until they come back perfect again! Thank you

Sharon H.
United States United States

Excellent tweezers

I have been using surgical tweezers for many years on facial hair and was panicked when I thought I lost them and couldn’t replace them. I’ve tried many other types that didn’t work until now. The splinter tweezers are great! Thank you, Regine!

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