Regine Switzerland has been producing high-quality, high-precision tweezers for over 100 years. Regine Switzerland began as a family company, creating highly-demanded precision tools and instruments across all fields, including medicine, luxury Swiss watches, and cosmetics. To this day, Regine instruments are still 100% manufactured in Switzerland, handmade by dedicated craftsmen. 

 We believe in producing high-quality products that last a lifetime. Mass-produced tweezers quickly lose their sharpness, break easily, cause hair breakage, and can lead to ingrown hairs. Regine Tweezers stand out from the competition because each tweezer is handmade and controlled and checked at each stage of production. Our ultra-high precision tweezers will pull even the finest hair out from the root, and will never rust or tarnish. 

We pride ourselves in producing the finest, most precise tweezers ever made. Each Regine Tweezer goes through a meticulous 40-step process by experienced craftsmen in our Swiss factory. Before even leaving the factory, each tweezer is examined under a microscope to ensure perfect tension and tip alignment. Our tweezers are made with twice-tempered, surgical-grade stainless steel that will never lose its sharpness. Regine Tweezers have become world-renowned and heralded for being the highest-quality tweezers around.