Slant & Splinter Tweezer Combo - Regine Tweezers
Slant & Splinter Tweezer Combo - Regine Tweezers
Slant & Splinter Tweezer Combo - Regine Tweezers
Slant & Splinter Tweezer Combo - Regine Tweezers
Slant & Splinter Tweezer Combo - Regine Tweezers
Slant & Splinter Tweezer Combo - Regine Tweezers
Slant & Splinter Tweezer Combo - Regine Tweezers
Slant & Splinter Tweezer Combo - Regine Tweezers

Slant & Splinter Tweezer Combo

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Perfect your daily beauty routine with our two best selling tweezers and you will always have the right tool for the right job. Regine Slant Tip Tweezers are recognized worldwide as the go-to tweezers for beauty professionals and superior quality!  The interior of the slant tip is etched to easily grip and pull the hair from the root every time. 

Regine Splinter Tweezers are specially crafted to remove anything embedded under the skin (ingrown hairs, thorns, glass, or splinters of any kind) with near surgical accuracy. They feature pointed tips to make removal as easy and pain-free as possible.  Handmade by Swiss craftsmen and go through a meticulous 40-step manufacturing process with the final step under a microscope to ensure perfect tension and tip alignment.

TIPS FOR USE: Always use tweezers on clean skin without any lotions, oils, or makeup.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Always keep the end cap on the tweezers so the tip is protected and stays in alignment. Sterilize tweezers after each use with using a small amount of rubbing alcohol using a clean cloth or cotton ball, and dry well.

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Diane M.
United States United States
Amazing! They really are the best!

This is the first time I purchased another brand of tweezers. I was a huge fan of Anastasia’s tweezers but they weren’t working the same anymore and dulled after a few months. I have only been using these tweezers for a few weeks but I am very happy. I hope they last a lifetime like they say but they are definitely worth getting. I usually use slanted tweezers but wanted to try the splinter as well so I bought both. I now prefer the splinter ones. I can get every single hair now. This is a huge deal to anyone who maintains their brows regularly.

sandi r.
United States United States
really work

Delayed buying for years, and now I am wondering why? Very nice, and seem to be much better than many others.

Cynthia I.
United States United States
Ever received my tweezers.

I was informed that someone was looking into the problem but I have not heard back.

Sam S.
United States United States
Really the very finest tweezers the world has to offer !

A very fine tool

Michelle P.
United States United States
Just Incredible

I bought the two-pack and OMG I had no idea that tweezers could be so precise, exact, so perfect! I’ve had them two weeks and am beyond impressed.

Mai T.
United States United States
Amazing Quality Tweezers

So, I’ve had multiple brand tweezers and even had 4 of a “top rated” brand that comes with lifetime sharpening. I thought that was an awesome deal but it’s not. They were inconsistent with points and resistance and I got fed up with them. When I found these, I thought they were pretty overpriced but I figured it was for a good reason. I was right. Holy shat, I wish I found these soon. These are L E G I T. You can feel it by the weight alone. The resistance is great and the points are dangerously sharp. I’m clumsy and…don’t carelessly place your splinter tweezer in your blanket. I plan on buying at least another.

Aurore S.
United States United States
Best tweezers!

Swiss precision and outstanding craftsman's skills! Great combination! Thank you for a great product.

George K.
United States United States
Seem nice.

Not made in China made me take a chance on these. I guess we’ll see if they hold up like they say they will.

Amanda D.
United States United States
Didn't Know I Loved These Until...

My first set was purchased many years ago from a shopping channel, at least at decade ago! I protected as if they were my 'lil tweezer babies, and showed my family (men!) which set of cheap drugstore ones they could use if needed. Someone broke the rules! In one day, they were damaged. No one owned up to it. Reordered thru your website! Fast delivery, such a great set! I have hidden them well w/ a label "Woe to those who take me w/out permission!

Melissa D.
United States United States
The best!!

I’ve been a brow artist for 12 years now and I’ve tried so many tweezers and Regine Tweezers are hands down the BEST I’ve ever owned! They stay sharp and grip hair with the first attempt, the pointed tweezers grab the tiniest hairs and remove ingrown hairs so easily it’s mind blowing!

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