Lifetime Guarantee

Regine Tweezers are backed by over a century of excellence and our signature Lifetime Guarantee. 

If, at any time, your tweezers no longer perform as originally intended due to wear, workmanship, or even accidental damage, we will gladly repair or replace them it at no charge.

Please send your return along with a description of the problem, your original receipt, name, return address, email and a check made out to Regine Tweezers for $9.95 to cover processing and handling to:

Regine Tweezers
Attn: Lifetime Guarantee Department
631 Jefferson Avenue, Unit 403
Miami Beach, FL 33139

NOTE: For return addresses outside the United States, please include return packaging with prepaid postage.

When mailing your tweezers, we recommend sharing a tracking number with us at to verify delivery. Please allow up to 4 weeks for us to process your request.