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Why Regine Tweezers Are (so much) Better Than The Rest!

We are not trying to be presumptuous (we promise) it’s just that we created the absolute highest quality product that we are proud of!
Customer satisfaction is our mission and we are confident that you will LOVE your new Regine Tweezers.
Let me show you how Regine Tweezers can benefit you…


  • Regine Tweezers are easy to use Easy - here’s why

  • Our tweezers aren’t mass-produced in large factories or sweatshops like our competitors. Our premium Regine Tweezers are handcrafted one-by-one by Swiss artisans in our motherland, Switzerland. Our state-of-the-art facility is also unique as we produce the tools for Cartier, Patek Phillip, and Rolex -that is why Regine Tweezers IS known worldwide as the Rolex of tweezers.

  • Each Regine Tweezer undergoes a meticulous 40-step process where they are shaped, sanded, etched by hand, aligned, tempered, and sealed in our perfectly sized packaging with a bonus Regine Red guard tip to keep them sharp.

  • We offer a LIFETIME guarantee! Our mission is to provide you with quality premium products that last, keep producing results, and offer you the confidence that you get when you remove unwanted hair.

  • You won’t break your hair when tweezing with Regine Tweezers and you won’t have your hair grow back in days later due to that breakage when you use our quality products. Regine Tweezers pull your unwanted hair from the root every time and leave you with smooth, long-lasting results.

  • With other unaligned tweezers (that droop down on one side) you’ll pinch your skin one way or another. Our tweezers are perfectly aligned to be precise, effective, and give you the results that you want.

  • You don’t have to be a brow or tweezing expert - let Regine Tweezers do the work for you by grabbing every day every time.

  • Regine Tweezers do more than just BROWS - We are trusted by watch crafters, Lenscrafters, nail technicians, licensed estheticians, salons, and brow artists. Our products can handle all hair removal needs, lash extensions, stubborn ingrown hairs, and are precise enough to be used for any detailed job involving small parts...

  • Regine Tweezers products are unique, reliable, and they will be the last pair you’ll ever need!

Don’t believe us?

Check out the results for yourself...




You can say goodbye to your old pair that’s just not cutting it anymore.



Slant Tip & Splinter Tweezer Combo

Regine Tweezers, Slant Tip, Splinter Tweezer, etched interior, perfectly aligned tips, stainless steel, pincers, hand crafted


Regine tweezers slant tip splinter tweezer pincer eyebrow grooming stainless steel Swiss made hair remover